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The Happy Yogini began after I was asked to write a book called Mindful Yoga. The publishers requested that I comment on how yoga is becoming, in many places, a way to show off how thin and bendy you are, how gorgeous your lycra clad legs can look in Trikonasana (Triangle Pose) and how very quickly you can acquire a kind of “Yoga McMindfulness” if only you have the right guru guiding you. There are some pretty scary guru-gini’s out there too, who have the right words and appear to do some thing enviably flexible (if that is what you aspire to) without understanding how potentially dangerous their postures could be, if copied by someone naturally less flexible, at home, unguided and full of aspirations to “learn yoga”.  Needless to say, the thrust of the book was to suggest that yoga has slightly more to it than that.

Unfortunately the publisher wanted to restrict my rights to write about yoga; so in the end we didn’t make the contract through the small print. However, through the process we enjoyed, The Happy Yogini was born and I am deeply grateful for the spark plug that ignited that. (Thank you Monica). It made me reconsider my practice and look hard at what yoga and my practice mean to me.

As a director of a teacher training school, as a practicing Professional Structural Integrator (a soft tissue specialist in posture and movement) and an Educator in integrated living anatomy and biotensegrity, I get to see and learn a lot of interesting stuff that makes sense of yoga. I also get to appreciate a logic behind motion and stillness in humans being, that I will attempt to share in bite size pieces through this informal medium. My main website is more formal. This blog gives me the chance to make it personal and make sense of why I learned about art, biotensegrity, chocolate making and human anatomy. It wonders why such a strange mix of metaphors make so much sense of each other. It allows me to laugh about how delightful life is, when we get that divinity has a sense of humour – and it really is a laugh a minute, if you get the joke. It makes me smile on the inside anyway….