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Anatomy Basic Course (ABC) – 1 Day Introduction to Fascia and Biotensegrity


For Yoga, Pilates and Movement Practitioners.

This one-day Introduction to Fascia will give you lots of insight into the magic of fascia and why it is so important to you, personally as a human being and professionally as a movement teacher.
Fascia is the fundamental fabric of your living, animated form. When you understand the way it is organised and the essentials of its architecture in the body you will have important insights into movement, structure and function in all your classes.

This course is open to all levels and will be followed by a 3-day, very practical, Fascia Foundation (Level 0) CPD course on Sunday 15th July and Saturday / Sunday 14th/15th September.

You can either do the Introduction Day, or the Foundation Course, or both - they are independent of each other.

Investment: £150 up to 12 May, for '1 Day Introduction to Fascia'
£175 from 13th May.

Places are limited.

To book your place now, or for more information, contact Kate by
email via:

or call or text: 07795 418266

Or go to PayPal using the link below to secure your early bird place now:

Kate Kearns Facebook: Yoga Aura

About Joanne Avison.
I am passionate about the New Science of Body Architecture. It distinguishes the geometry of form and consciousness in real live animated beings “like what we are”.
After writing the book YOGA: Fascia, Anatomy & Movement, (Handspring, 2015) I have created the ABC (Anatomy Basic Course) series worldwide, to simplify the essentials of how fascia and Biotensegrity make sense of 21st century anatomy for yoga and other movement professionals. It makes sense of far more than motion.