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Looking for Love on a Tuesday

This morning I woke with a need to hear the trees. It is May and the weather has been exceptionally beautiful and warm for this time of year. The cool crisp light shafted in through my window around 5am when I woke and I simply longed to be out in it.

A Happier Yogini

On August 8th this year, (2017) something very wonderful happened to me, out of nowhere. That wonderful thing was that someone very dear to me, with whom I share a lot of history, sat with me and talked. In fact, we both talked and we both listened.


love certain rituals. Actually, I really love creating them! I suspect, given their value in many ways, they form a sort of structure behind things. I don't just mean big rituals, like birthdays and christenings, I mean little ones, like daily rites that make the processes of everyday life more magical.