Fascia Masher

Today I read about a Fascia gadget that you use to crush and distort - (oops, I mean "lengthen and release", my mistake) your fascia to make yourself slim and fit. Are you kidding me? The Happy Yogini had to go for a walk and get very thoughtful about how many expletives to use in damning the idea. I'm not one to resort to sarcasm too often - but this is extreme.

I think the fascia is the most profoundly intelligent membrane of living animation. It seems to me to be the interface that binds the energy of matter and the matter of energy to a form that we can walk around in. Some call it the container of mind. For sure, when you study it you could attribute a lot of what is popularly called “mindfulness” to the sense of proprioception that it animates. (I’ll talk about this in another post).

Actually, I think proprioception is our primary, or original, sense. We feel our way into form as embryos; partly because of our blueprint, and possibly in spite of it sometimes! Every move we make (and are moved by) fosters new emergent properties, moment-to-moment. These are somehow communicated body-wide through the intelligence network of the soft tissues, such as they are at the time.

If you knew the very fabric of the structure you are embodying was a tissue so intelligent and delicate and brilliant that it is the essence of your human beingness, would you bash it, blast it and break it down? Or would you elevate it, treat it with wisdom and awareness? Wouldn't you want to find out how subtle it can be and how huge a difference it can make to your health and human performance?

Or would you use this insane gadget and abuse your exquisitely sensitive soft tissue architecture deliberately? Why? It’s what smiles you from the inside when it is home; just you, being you, the way you are…heart, body, mind and soul. If you have all of the above,  I beg you to honour them as intelligently as they have structured you!